Google Ads New Updates 2019 - Stay Up To Date

Google Ads Update 2019 by Asi Ace Meir

Google Ads New Updates 2019 - Stay Up To Date

For Campaigns Managers Who Want To Stay Up-To-Date

As you know, Google never stops changing.
Regular updates mean that you must keep up the pace.
We are here to show you what’s important and what you may have missed.
During this workshop we will focus on the latest Google Ads updates and the new features that were introduced since the switch to the new interface.
AND we also have a bonus!
We will reveal Google Ads Editor tricks and shortcuts that will make your life much easier!
This 3 hours of in-depth knowledge delivered by experts is an event not to be missed for PPC managers.
Please book early as seats are limited
For more details please contact us.

What We Will Talk About During The Workshop

3 hours of practical knowledge that will help you stay on top in the always changing world of Google Ads.

New Targeting Options
New Ads formats
How to watch out for traps
New YouTube formats & Features
Editor tricks

The workshop will be delivered by Asi Ace Meir, an experienced Google Ads Professional, Optimiser and Lecturer

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